• Ash Barrow

Creative Ideas to Promote Your Business During the Holidays

The Holidays are a busy (and sometimes stressful) season, but despite packed calendars, it's important to make time to promote your business. What better way to boost sales than with some Holiday cheer?

A very easy way to get into the spirit is to simply decorate your office. Offering hot chocolate, burning a pine scented candle, and putting up decorations for different Holidays is easy and makes an impact on employees and clients alike.

Inspire customers to shop by hosting a "12 Days of Christmas Sale" where each day features a different product at a discounted price. Not only will you encourage customers to shop at your business, but you can also highlight products they might not know about.

Have a representative from a local charity spread the word for their cause at your location or volunteer by collecting gifts or working at food banks. It's not just good for business, it's GREAT for the soul.

Don't know what to buy? No problem! Promote gift cards to customers who might not know exactly what to purchase. They're also a great option for last minute shoppers (you know who you are!).